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Silver Lake Residents at War With Noisy Condo Builders

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If you've tried to take Glendale Boulevard toward the LA River and been inconvenienced by a construction site traffic at the corner of Waverly, you have really got to hear what the neighbors have been dealing with for the last couple years. The land is the future home of Latitudes at Silverlake, a 63-condo complex geared toward Pop Physique fans who like succulents, fixie-ish bikes, and man bags, but it's currently the site of some deep acrimony between construction crews and neighbors, who started a Facebook page two years ago (when the condos went by a different name) to document what they saw as "the violations of State and City laws, as well as the abuse of residents & their environment by the Developer and their Contractors, at the building site of Waverly Drive & Glendale Blvd.," says the Los Feliz Ledger.

The complaints have ranged from excessive dust and dirt to extreme noise as a result of the construction—kind of common complaints for a construction site, sure, but a post from yesterday shows a video documenting what sounds like a physical scuffle between an on-site contractor or construction worker and the neighbor who was filming the site to show that workers were starting too early (they're not supposed to start before 7 am). The opposition group has filed complaints with their Councilmember Tom LaBonge and a police report for that most recent incident, but claims that, so far, nothing has been effective.
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