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South LA Alleys To Be Turned Into Mini-Parks

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As far back as 2008, the Trust for Public Land and USC's Sustainable Cities were talking about turning some of LA's 900 miles of often-sketchy alleyways into parks and community green space. The Green Alleys Project is anticipated to break ground this year on a pilot program in park-poor South LA that will turn two trashed alleys (one near Main Street between Fifty-Third and Fifty-Fourth, another at Fifty-Second and Avalon Boulevard) into functional community spaces with new lighting, art, native plants, and special light-colored pavement that will catch rainwater, says Which Way LA?.

The TPL has spent four years talking to neighbors and has raised about half of the more than $2 million the two parks are expected to cost. The next few years are shaping up to be very exciting for this neighborhood's public spaces: There's the greenway in the works that will convert abandoned train tracks into green space from Florence and Western all the way to the LA River, and there's also a ped-friendly-ish makeover for Slauson in the near future.
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