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$16MM Chop For Bob Hope's Incredible Palm Springs House

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Nearly a year after a listing first appeared, Bob Hope's mushroom/volcano house in Palm Springs still hasn't sold and has now popped up on the open market with a massive pricechop and some sexy new photos showing off a little of the house we haven't managed to see before (plus earlier photos were tiny!). The house was designed by the only architect you'd ever trust with a mushroom/volcano/Bond villain house, John Lautner; he began the work (on Palm Springs's famous Southridge Drive) in 1973 and the house was finally finished in 1980, except that Bob's wife Dolores wasn't entirely happy and brought in another designer to make some changes to the interior; Lautner ended up somewhat disowning the project. Today the house has some insanely high number of bedrooms and bathrooms (the listing differs from earlier information, but at least six bedrooms and something like 10 bathrooms), indoor and outdoor pools, a pond, a putting green, a tennis court, and more than six acres of land. It first came up for sale in February 2013 asking $50 million and has been chopped way down to $34 million.

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