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Wide-Ass Culver Blvd. Getting New Turn Lanes and Bike Path

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A half-mile of Culver Boulevard in western Culver City is getting a $7-million makeover as part of a plan in the works since way back in the '80s. That pretty median will be pruned and de-littered from Sepulveda Boulevard to Elenda Street, turn lanes will be added, and pollution-reducing bioswales, which catch urban runoff before it goes to the ocean, will be installed, thanks to recently acquired funding from a few different sources. There will also be a new bike path and walkway built next to the median that separates Culver Boulevard ("Big Culver") from Little Culver Boulevard. New benches will go in along the pedestrian and bike path, and new lighting will be put in among the median, paths, and Little Culver. Locals are also getting all hot and not-bothered over the addition of new traffic-calming stop lights. After the community weighs in, the city council should officially greenlight the plan in the next few months.
· Culver Blvd. Will Get a Makeover [Culver City Observer]