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Glendale-Hyperion Bridge Makeover Will Include Bike Lanes

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Come on, did you really think the web of bridges at Glendale and Hyperion in Silver Lake/Atwater Village would be built with all that blatant car-favoritism in its design, without a bike lane or even a crosswalk on it? With an "explosion of public comment" and a swiftness to rally that surprised even the rallyers themselves, a public advisory committee was formed shortly after those car-centric plans were unveiled and quickly set about altering the course of the bridges. Now three new community-sourced plans, revealed at a meeting last week, all include bike lanes, at least one sidewalk, and a road diet, reports Streetsblog. The debate now is all about sidewalks—how many to have, and where to have them? Whether or not any of the plans actually comes to be depends on an extension of the grant for the retrofit (the extension was applied for last fall so that any changes made to the design would have a chance of being implemented), but both the mayor's office and the folks at the Bureau of Engineering feel pretty confident that will happen.

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