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Falling-Apart Mid-Century Hills House Now Looking Fantastic

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We featured this 1959 "[Edward] Fickett impersonator" house in Outpost Estates back in 2010, when it was implying a connection to the underrated mid-century architect and looking about as different from its current state as it could possibly look (back then it was asking $1.795 million). There were only four images in the listing, but one clearly showed that the roof was wearing a shower cap of black garbage bags. The place turned up again in March of this year, with new pictures showing massive water damage (guess those bags didn't work out?) and cracks in the ceiling (see the horrors here). It was listed for $999,000, but in less than three weeks, someone had plunked down $1.078 million for it. Clearly, they had a plan for this house because it only took about seven months to turn that sad sack into this vision of loveliness. The reborn, three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath house has pretty much new everything (roof, plumbing, heating), plus "walls of glass, vaulted ceilings and clerestory windows". It's listed for the $1.795 million it dreamed of before it was beautiful.

· 2265 Chelan Drive [Redfin]