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Mid-Century Modern By Rodney Walker With Unfortunate 1980s Updates For Sale In Palm Springs

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Located in Palm Springs's Historic Tennis Club neighborhood, this three-bedroom modern was designed by the talented Rodney Walker in 1955. While the 1,899-square-foot residence looks to have had some stylistic trauma inflicted upon it at some point in the 1980s, it's still blessed with great bones and many appealing features, such as redwood beamed ceilings, walls of glass, dynamic roof planes, and a floating hearth fireplace. Per the listing, the house also has new wiring and AC systems, tankless water heating, and "a Neutra suggested radio-intercom, The Sonic Servant." Sited on a 9,563-square-foot lot with a pool and spa, it's asking $1.4 million.

· 342 S PATENCIO Rd [Redfin]