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5 Photos Of Los Angeles Enjoying The Winter Heatpocalypse

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The Northeastern US has been buried in snow today thank to Winter Storm Hercules, and the Midwest and even the South are shivering through record lows. Meanwhile, here in sunny Southern California, temperatures hit a high of 81 yesterday, way above what the National Weather Service calls the "normal high" for January 2 (68 degrees). We're calling it Sunny Day Xena! Temps today were also above normal, reaching as high as 81, and are expected to be so balmy this weekend that Santa Monica's Annenberg Community Beach House is opening its pool for a couple of off-season days. We combed through Instagram for these photos of people enjoying the beautiful weather in LA's fave outdoor hangout spots (Runyon Canyon, Santa Monica Pier, The Grove)—suck on this, New Yorkers! Just kidding, the climate has gone completely out of wack and we're all totally fucked.