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Watch An Insider's Guide to South LA's Manchester Square

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"When people think of South Central, they think of crime, gangs, hyper-violent '90s rap culture. But I live on a peaceful street full of very colorful family homes," says 23-year-old Skylar Endsley Myers, a young woman and third-generation South LA resident whose reporting on her neighborhood, featured on KPCC's Take Two, is balanced and honest, noting the pros (great food) and cons (ever-visible signs of substance abuse) of her neighborhood.

This report is the first of many, the result of a partnership between KPCC and USC's Intersections South LA Reporter Corps, meaning there are more insights into the sometimes-invisible sections of the city to come. With the groundbreaking of the new Metro Crenshaw Line, a lot more of South LA will be accessible to the rest of the city, and hopefully that, too, will encourage people to learn more about the diverse communities and neighborhoods that make up the entire city.

Neighborhoods: Touring South LA's Manchester Square [SCPR]