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A Photographic Love Letter To Mid-Gentrification Picfair Village

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[Photos by Philip Westman]

Swedish photographer Philip Westman moved to Picfair Village, the neighborhood on Pico between Fairfax and LA Brea, three years ago (and was set to leave this month), and he chronicled the period on his photo blog People of Pico. He writes in an email that the project was spurred by a desire to preserve an image of the changing neighborhood: "i think many of the auto body shops and many of the current residents won't be here in 10 years time." The neighborhood has been getting a steady stream of businesses that signal gentrification (wine bar, Pilates studio) for years now and it was once predicted that it'd be "the next big shopping district," though you'd never know it from the photos, which give full attention to the salons and body shops that most Angelenos associate with this stretch of Pico. Here's a sampling, with many more over at the blog.

· People of Pico [tumblr]