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See The Latest Look For Huge USC Village Mixed-Use Project

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USC Village (formerly the Village at USC) is being called the largest mixed-use project in South LA history, combining retail, student housing, and academic space in more than two million square feet. One look at the latest renderings for the project confirms just how massive an undertaking it will be. The finished product will include pedestrian-friendly plazas around a central square and so many of those trademark USC bricks. It also looks remarkably open when compared to other parts of the campus.

The Village will replace the outdated University Village on the same site off Jefferson and across from the campus, and will eventually include a hotel, bars, and a grocery store. The USC Village is expected to bring a whopping 12,000 jobs, 8,000 of them permanent, to the area.
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USC Village

W. Jefferson Blvd. & Hoover St., Los Angeles, CA