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Santa Monica Punts Again On Huge Bergamot Transit Village

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Once again, Santa Monicans turned out in force to air their grievances with the proposed Bergamot Transit Village, a 767,000-square-foot mixed-user planned near the future Expo Line station at Olympic and Twenty-Sixth in what's currently an unused Papermate factory. More than 150 citizens came out to a public meeting for the project, prompting the city council to delay even trying to make a decision until after a special meeting set for February 4, at which there will be no public comments. The debate over this development has been raging and raging for years, but the current problem many have with BTV, according to the Santa Monica Lookout, comes back to (what else?) traffic and parking, which many fear would change for the worse in the whole city as a result of so much action at the BTV site. Another issue with the plan is that it still doesn't include as much housing as some would like (though it's already added more). It's taken more than five years for BTV to get to this point, so no one is expecting the next steps to come any quicker.
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Bergamot Transit Village

Olympic Blvd. & 26th St., Santa Monica, CA