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Two Years Of Trouble Later, Bieber Wants To Leave Calabasas

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Boy, one Kardashian moves into the neighborhood and Justin Bieber is like "f this, I'm out of here." Not even two years after moving to Calabasas's gated-community-within-a-gated-community The Oaks, Bieber's planning to leave, according to TMZ: "He's now openly talking about listing the house and getting out of the neighborhood." It only took a scuffle with a neighbor that possibly involved spitting, neighbors refusing to pay their HOA dues until he was scolded for speeding (which he did a lot), his ex potentially moving in nearby, and the grand finale: Bieber allegedly egging his neighbor's house (same guy from the spitting incident), a massive Sheriff's Department raid, and the resulting arrest of his roommate Little Za for drug possession. Bieber bought his house in April 2012 for $6.5 million. Where will he go? No one knows, but it's not like anyone in the Hills or Bel Air or even Pacific Palisades is going to be super keen on a teen superstar's antics.
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