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Orange You Loving This Design For The Pedestrian/Bike Bridge Between Cypress Park And Elysian Valley?

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We liked the model of the forthcoming Taylor Yard pedestrian/bike bridge that we set eyes upon earlier this month, but these new renderings are really whetting our appetites. Decades in the works, the bridge over the LA River will connect Cypress Park to Elysian Valley through an elegant design and a simple form—though the project has been far from easy. Studio Pali Fekete Architects had to deal with a sloping grade between the Cypress Park and Elysian Valley sides—note how the bridge dips about 10 feet—as well as power lines that carried height restrictions. A maintenance road on the Taylor Yard side made connection to the riverbank difficult, while a narrow bike path complicated things on the other side. SPF:a surrounded the 17-foot bike/pedestrian road with that eye-catching orange box truss, which is complimented by a purple water pipeline. The idea was to put a modern spin on the old railroad bridges that once crossed the LA River, but to stay within the $5.3-million budget and keep the project on schedule to open in two years. Hopefully, mission accomplished.

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