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Broadway Getting Ped-Friendly Makeover, Cutting Back On Cars

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Tomorrow marks the six-year anniversary of Bringing Back Broadway, the Councilmember-Huizar-led initiative to revamp Downtown's historic thoroughfare—so it's perfect timing that a huge step in the revitalization, a long-awaited "dress rehearsal" for the street's future road diet, is finally getting underway this week. Phase one of a two-part plan that'll run on Broadway from First Street all the way to Eleventh will try to calm traffic and attract walkers to the area by widening the sidewalks on the west side of the street and extending the curbs eight feet on both sides to get loading zones and street parking out of the flow of traffic, reports the Downtown News.

In order to do that, temporary barriers will be used to pare down the number of driving lanes on Broadway to three total car lanes—"two northbound, one southbound." Another of Huizar's bg projects, the Downtown streetcar, is expected to use one of the northbound lanes, but that probably won't be an issue for a while. Wider sidewalks will mean more space for walkers, while fewer lanes will slow cars down for the overall effect of a nicer walking and shopping experience.

BBB's website says this trial run of will allow for any adjustments before full-scale, permanent changes are made to the street. The project should be done this summer, according to the latest press release from Councilmember Huizar.
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