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Gold Line Authority Studying Extension To Ontario Airport

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Gosh darn it, the Gold Line Foothill Construction Authority is determined to get that light rail line to beleaguered Ontario Airport. The authority, currently stretching the line to Azusa with hopes of a 2015 or 2016 opening, has published the final environmental impact report for a further extension to Montclair and is now starting the environmental study process on an approximately $950-million extension to Ontario Airport, which has seen traffic drop precipitously in recent years. The $1.5-million study will look at the best way to get the transit line into the small airport—a process that should be a lot less complicated than getting train service to massive LAX. This advance is tempered by a move by a subcommittee of the San Bernardino Associated Governments, which placed a Gold Line extension low on their list of rail priorities.

SanBAG, involved in the Montclair and Ontario extensions because they cross into San Berdoo County, think extending the Metrolink commuter line to Redlands and double-tracking Metrolink lines near Upland, Claremont, and Fontana are both more important projects than the Gold Line, mostly because there is zero money earmarked for construction of the Montclair or Ontario spurs.

Metro also placed the extensions low on its list of priority projects for the next three decades, and while this could change if voters extend the Measure R transit/freeway tax at the ballot, SanBAG is reluctant to even pay for studies at this point. The Gold Line Authority is spearheading the airport study with their own reserves and sent out a statement saying they will work with SanBAG to convince them of the Gold Line's importance, especially in getting more fliers to Ontario.
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