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Keyshawn Johnson Sells Bieber-Plagued House To A Kardashian

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Former NFL-er/current sports commentator Keyshawn Johnson has reportedly sold his home in the ritzy section of already-pretty-ritzy Calabasas to Kourtney Kardashian for $8.4 million, says TMZ. We cannot wait to see what Kourtney will do to this tasteful, six-bedroom, nine-bathroom palace; her last home started out looking like a smaller, blander version of this house and ended up as a high-end Magic Eye poster. Kourtney's not just getting a house, she's also getting a rude, thoughtless neighbor: Justin Bieber.

Johnson's distaste for Bieber's been well-documented—Johnson once called him out for driving like an "entitled" jerk through a neighborhood where kids play on the street. And while no one's saying this move is because of Bieber specifically (in fact, Johnson's been trying to sell since 2011), it probably crossed his mind that a new house meant he wouldn't have to deal with the smug teen again.
· Keyshawn Johnson Unloads Bieber-Adjacent Mansion, Justin's Kourtney's Problem Now [TMZ]