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Will This Gorge Mobile Home In Malibu Sell For $4 Million?

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Paradise Cove Mobile Home Park in Malibu is not the kind of trailer park they sing about in country songs. Once called "the hippest neighborhood in Malibu" by Vanity Fair, it's been home to celebrities—while they were famous—and some of its properties have sold for as much as $2 million (cash!). It might see a new record set soon: Rumor has it that Paradise Cove's "most desirable residence" is in the process of hitting the market and will ask $4 million. There's no listing yet, but the Malibu Real Estate blog predicts it'll sell before one goes up. The house looks vast, and has a library, exposed-beam ceilings, wood floors, marble countertops, a gazebo and patio in the back, and insane ocean views from pretty much every room. Sure, with all that landscaping, the mobility of this home is probably sacrificed, but why would you ever want to leave?

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