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See The Lovely Reno Of Georgescu's 1969 Kearsarge House

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[Images via Kurt Krueger Architect]

We first saw the mid-century modern Kearsarge Residence, by Romanian architect Haralamb (Harlan) Georgescu (designer of the very sleek, 1958 Pasinetti Residence) about three years ago, post-$100,000 pricechop. While the 1969 house was structurally gorgeous, it was sorely in need of some design help (It had lilac carpet. LILAC.). Luckily, it eventually sold in the fall of 2011 for its post-chop asking price of $2.2995 million, and has just completed an intense renovation that sought to return it to something more in line with the original architect's vision—"What would Georgescu do?" WWGD? Kurt Krueger, the architect who oversaw the renovation, determined that he'd remove walls added by previous owners, restore original interior colors, recreate the cabinets in mahogany, and put wood floors down where there was once purple carpet.

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