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Uber Has Lawyer On Retainer To Get Drivers Out Of LAX Tickets

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UberX, Lyft, and similar app-based ridesharing services aren't legally allowed to pick people up at LAX, but they keep doing it, despite the more than 200 citations that have been issued (mostly to UberX drivers) since December, says LA Airspace. In addition to the citations, there have been two arrests of "ride-sharing drivers" in the same period of time. As the airport and its cops see it, UberX and Lyft passengers "are just here and need transportation. We understand that. But the drivers need to know what the rules are and they need to follow those rules," says a sergeant with LA World Airports Police. Drivers definitely know that airport pick-ups are illegal, so why aren't they following the rules if they're being so aggressively ticketed? Because apparently they don't have to pay them. A post by an apparent driver on the Facebook page for Uber drivers explains: "They've gotten me an attorney on retainer to handle this matter already - at no expense to me. If the city has a problem with Uber, they should take it up with Uber, and not me!" (No word on the Facebook about what happens if you get arrested.) The ticketing flurry might be slowing down soon—there's talk of an airport/rideshare company agreement in the works—but for now, it seems the law-skirting is likely to continue.
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