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Paramount's Old Drive-In Movie Theater Is Coming Back

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Most drive-ins have turned into swap meets by now because everyone started going to multiplex theaters, so what does it mean when they turn it back into a drive-in? Well, partially, at least. Starting this spring, Paramount's former drive-in theater (once called The Rodium) is getting a reboot and is scheduled to start showing outdoor movies again very soon. LA Business Journal says (sub. req.) that local developer Modern Development is planning to bring back both of the theater's screens to play second-run movies at discounted prices ($9 for adults, but only $3 for kids).

The retro experience will receive a few more modern updates, like two new 75-foot movie screens and digital projectors for both, plus dial-in FM audio for the films. There are even talks of an app that will let you order food from the snack shack. (Please also have roller skate delivery.) The 1955 drive-in has been a hugely successful full-time swap meet since 1992 and is still owned by the same family. The new developer (which appears to have the original drive-in's grandson as a general partner) has a feeling people are going to jump on this affordable, family-friendly diversion. Fans of the swap meet can rest easy: the movies won't start until after the swap has packed up for the day.
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