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Before An Ice Rink At Dodger Stadium, There Was Ski Jumping

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Dodger Stadium's current state as an outdoor hockey rink/KISS stage may seem shocking considering our unseasonably warm weather and drought, but it apparently fits in nicely with the stadium's rich history of hosting wintry events. Why, just take a gander at this ski jumper gracefully floating off an ice-covered slalom out in Dodger Stadium's right field without the slightest hint of fear or impending doom (see the massive jump infrastructure below). It was all part of October 1963's Giant International Ski Show and Grindelwald Ski Swap, which Cut4 says featured "two jumping events, a slalom race and fashion show." The best thing about this shot is that you can't see where this jumper's going to land (inside a shot glass perched atop second base?) This image makes last night's video of a test-skate at the Dodger Stadium ice rink seem pretty tame.

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