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Here Are The Three CicLAvia Routes For 2014

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CicLAvia has announced its 2014 schedule and it's preeeeetty good, but the linear block party (which, in case you don't know, shuts down miles of city streets to car traffic and opens them up to people and their bikes and skateboards and so on) won't be hitting the Valley, at least this year. There'll be three events in 2014, all running from 9 am to 4 pm, with two classic routes and one new addition: A completely new route through South LA linking up the Central Avenue corridor and Leimert Park in December. Last year's Wilshire Boulevard Miracle Mile route returns in April and the classic Downtown route is back in October. Furthermore, CicLAvia is planning the first San Fernando Valley route for early 2015 and is looking at an all new CicLAvia to the Sea route for later that year (they already did a Venice Boulevard version in 2013). The org is rapidly acquiring grants, new funding sources, and new partners, and is hoping to expand enormously over the next few years, with "as many as one dozen regional open streets events by 2017, with eight to nine events produced by CicLAvia and the rest produced by other entities."

From the press release:

On April 6, the highly successful Iconic Wilshire Boulevard route will return, allowing people to interact with the neighborhoods and architecture that defines the famed boulevard from downtown Los Angeles to Museum Row in the Miracle Mile. Once again two pedestrian zones will anchor the route – the Active Zone in downtown and the Miracle Mile zone, the latter featuring exciting activities from the cultural institutions along Museum Row. This will be the last Iconic Wilshire Boulevard route until the completion of major street level construction of the Metro Purple Line subway extension through the Miracle Mile. [...]

On October 5, CicLAvia will return to the Heart of LA in downtown Los Angeles. The 2014 version of the route will expand into new areas including Echo Park and East Los Angeles. The route will also go to Grand Park and will run the length of Broadway from 9th St. to Chinatown.

Finally, December 7 will see a completely new route as CicLAvia goes into South Los Angeles for the first time, linking the culturally rich Leimert Park area to the historic Central Avenue corridor.
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