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Silver Lakers Freaking Over Peeping Neighbors and Gridlock

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Hatred of traffic and love of privacy remain the major motivations for anti-development Silver Lakers, like the ones who spoke recently at a neighborhood council meeting reviewing two new proposed developments of single-family houses in the area (one at 1933 Griffith Park Boulevard, near Hoover, the other on the 800 block of Hyperion Avenue, near Fernwood Avenue). According to Eastsider LA, residents are opposed to the amount of traffic that the construction and eventual new residents will bring into their 'hood's windy, narrow streets because, as it is, "[i]f you put so much as a garbage can in the street, it shuts down traffic," one resident at the meeting said.

Neighbors were also really worried about rooftop terraces, which many at the meeting saw as intrusive privacy-violators. Weird, considering that hilly Silver Lake is basically a succession of homes looking down on one another, but ok. Residents were also worried that rooftop spaces would attract raucous parties and create noise. (The development on Hyperion removed its three proposed terraces because of neighbor complaints, but the one on Griffith doesn't plan to.)
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