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NoHo's Dated Laurel Plaza Shopping Center Going Mixed-Use

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The Laurel Plaza shopping center at Oxnard Street and Laurel Canyon Boulevard in North Hollywood—the one with the Macy's and the parking lot that could hold eight football fields (not to be confused with the confusing Valley Plaza)—has just been sold (by Macy's) to local real estate developers, reports the LA Times. Goldstein Planting Investments and Merlone Geier Partners paid an undisclosed amount for the site, which was hit hard by the Northridge 'quake and left Macy's as the only surviving tenant. Goldstein was involved in an earlier plan to develop Laurel Plaza, but community torches and pitchforks helped put an end to what was deemed a too-dense project. The new plans, valued at more than $100 million, are for "mixed-use retail and multifamily development," according to one of the leads. The developers plan to get more community input this time around and will hopefully mollify the neighborhood. The new developers also took control of a nearby office building located across the street from Laurel Grove Park.
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