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Big Gay Ice Cream To DTLA, Santa Monica's New Italian Market, LA's Best Coffee Bars

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DOWNTOWN: New York ice creamer Big Gay Ice Cream is expanding to LA, opening on the ground floor of a three-story building near Alma and the new Ace Hotel. Weird flavors with weird names are Big Gay's thing; it's an ice-cream truck that haunted hipster New York before opening up a brick-and-mortar and becoming even more of a sensation.

SANTA MONICA: No word yet on NYC's Eataly's arrival in LA, but CiBOTECA Marketplace, which Eater describes as a "mini Eately" is opening on Broadway in SaMo. The restaurant/marketplace will offer sandwiches, pastries, cheese, coffee and Italian groceries, including oils, honeys, and fresh-baked cakes.

ALL OVER: The city's coffee reputation has been on a roll for a while—especially thanks to newish Arts District spots like Handsome Coffee Roasters and Stumptown—but there are constant newcomers. Eater's updated list of the best coffee bars in the city features additions on Broadway and in Beverly Grove and Culver City.
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