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Here Are The 40 Miles Of Bike Lanes LA Is Getting This Year

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Los Angeles is in the the midst of a five-year plan to add bike lanes everywhere, with the ultimate goal of connecting existing bikeways to each other and the existing network. Now they've just released the list of bike lane projects for the *third year of the project, showing 21 planned stretches totaling more than 40 miles, mostly in places where people actually want to go. On the list is the mile-long lane from Fairfax to La Brea on Sixth Street, much contested "due to motorists travelling at high rates of speed through the a tight gap, with multiple left turns and parked cars that reduce flow from two lanes down to one," says the Larchmont Buzz, and a 1.5-mile extension to the new lanes on Virgil. There will be three new bike-friendly connections to Venice Boulevard from the Westlake-area, Miracle Mile, and Mar Vista, too. The next step is for LADOT to do all the traffic and safety studies, then subject the findings to public meetings, where they will likely be complained about.