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WeHo Chooses Architect for $80MM WeHo Park Overhaul

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West Hollywood is moving fast on the second phase of its West Hollywood Park redesign—now they've just decided to hire architects LPA Inc. of Irvine from a field of three candidates. No design is finalized; the pics here are just LPA's concepts, which helped them win the contract. What is certain is that the firm will design green space plus a new gym with rooftop swimming pool for the current surface parking lot off of El Tovar Place. The old auditorium and swimming pool will be demolished and city officials hope LPA will find room for a new "multipurpose ball field," since the city lacks any place for people to play games like baseball or soccer. Big-spender WeHo is prepared to drop $80 million on the park redesign, paying for it through bonds and possibly private donors. The first phase of the park redesign created more open space, added basketball courts and a parking garage with tennis courts on top, and better integrated the green space with the new library.

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