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A Plan To Turn The Silver Lake/Ivanhoe Dam Into An Esplanade

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We loved the idea of the Silver Lake Plunge swimming complex, which would've converted the soon-to-be-replaced Silver Lake/Ivanhoe Reservoirs into a beach zone, but there are other ideas too for what to do with the reservoirs after they're phased out in favor of nearby underground reservoirs that meet new environmental regulations. (There is no official plan for what will happen to the reservoirs.) The Silver Lake Reservoirs Conservancy, which for more than 20 years "has spearheaded many public improvements including the Silver Lake Path and the terrific success of the Silver Lake Meadow," has shared with us a strong contender for the best use of the space with its proposal to "[transform] the dam between Silver Lake and Ivanhoe Reservoirs into a grand Ivanhoe Esplanade!" The dam in question is nothing to look at now, but this promenade would offer people new ground to stroll and offer some great views of the water, while creating a great way to cheat when you're jogging the more-than-two-mile loop around the basins.

The process to take the reservoirs off-line as a water source has been in the works for years, but the outburst of bold ideas (the SLRC's full plan also suggests water-cleaning wetlands and park space) surrounding these artificial lakes seems like it could really translate into an amazing new life for the turn-of-the-century reservoirs.
· Silver Lake Reservoirs Conservancy [Official Site]

Silver Lake Reservoir

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