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Rival Nabe Groups Fighting For Control In The Arts District

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After a battle to disband the Arts District's Business Improvement District, which charged AD property owners fees to finance security and maintenance and marketing for the neighborhood, the area's BID was dissolved in May of last year (a spike in crime followed). Since the dissolution, two very similar groups have stepped up to say they could do better providing services to the hotter-and-hotter AD, but only one, Arts District Los Angeles, has been approved by the city to take the next step toward formation—reaching out to property owners to get the required approval to form a new BID. According to the Downtown News, the other potential BIDder—Arts District Community Council Los Angeles—says that among their rivals many flaws, it excludes several important Arts District properties (fancy community market Urban Radish, artisan bread shop Bread Lounge, and Stumptown coffee) from its jurisdiction, and, that if this proposal if approved, it's not afraid to take legal action again (one of ADCCLA's leaders,Yuval Bar-Zemer, was also one of the property owners who filed the BID-dissolving lawsuit).

ADLA says they excluded those properties because they were developed by Linear City, and Bar-Zemer (also co-founder of Linear City) specifically requested they not be included. ADCCLA says that giving the go-ahead to ADLA is a display of the city's favoritism and called the outlined boundaries for ADLA's BID "blatant gerrymandering," even though it seems like he's setting them up to fail. Both sides definitely agree, though, that something has to be done to up the security and clean-up detail in the Arts District.
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