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Silver Lake's Giant Saddle Plaza Finally Moving Forward

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The functional art installation known as the Silver Lake Saddle (or, as it's officially called, BLOOMRS) was selected almost three years ago to make the Sunset Junction triangle (currently just a lonely Jiffy Lube island) a nice, shady community plaza. The grand plans for the awesome-looking Saddle were whittled down to meet the project's $100,000 budget, but still it's been stalled for lack of funds for about two and a half years. Today the city council approved a motion for the funds to build the saddle—almost $125,000— from money that District 13's able to use for "redevelopment and community services." The motion argued that the $25,000-over-budget Saddle should get a financial boost from the city because of the "special benefit" it will provide to all of LA as well as the district, says Eastsider LA. This Saddle is riding into the junction!
· City to Pony Up $125,000 for Silver Lake Saddle Sculpture [ELA]