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Pas Wants To Pedestrianify Colorado With Parklets, Fewer Cars

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Pasadena's heavily-trafficked Colorado Boulevard is a prime example of a well-executed walkable shopping district, and its success, coupled with the booming residential and hotel developments planned in and around the area, has the city thinking about playing to the pedestrians and putting a long-talked-about road diet into effect that could include cutting out up to two car lanes, widening sidewalks, and popping in some parklets, the LA Times says. Diagonal crossing in the 'Dena is already pretty exciting, but this is next level. The idea is supposed to go to the city council soon, and already has support from many city leaders, including the mayor, who says "Pasadena is pursuing a broader concept of what streets are about. They're not simply for moving cars as fast as you can. Streets are corridors of society and community." Some neighbors are worried that fewer lanes will lead to gridlock but others are more interested in the encouraging foot traffic, which they say has revitalized the area exponentially since the early 2000s.

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