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Rare Vacancy Opens In Neutra's Landmark Strathmore Apts.

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We'd like to take a moment to commemorate a fairly momentous event from last year that didn't generate as much fanfare as it deserved, namely the fact that Craigslist finally—finally!—updated their horrible, caveman-primitive interface, which they'd stubbornly clung to for two decades. Granted, they only did so begrudgingly, forced by the springing-up of knock-off sites like Craiggers and PadMapper. And the new interface isn't exactly gorgeous, design-wise. But, hey, baby steps—the most important thing is that the site is much more user-friendly and efficient than it used to be, making it far easier for us to find listings such as this one for an upcoming vacancy in Westwood Village's Strathmore Apartments. Designed by the great Richard Neutra in 1937, the historic complex features eight units, four of which are condos and four of which are rentals. Per the ad, the available apartment is a two-bedroom, two-bath lower unit that features "an L-plan living room opening onto a terrace and rear garden," refinished hardwood floors, original tilework and cabinetry, "abundant natural light from ribbon windows," and a street-level garage, "with the possibility of parking a second car on the street in front." Monthly rent is $3,200.

· $3200 / 2br - CLASSIC NEUTRA 2 BEDROOM [Craigslist]