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Inside LA's Insanely Popular First Public New Year's Eve Party

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Organizers were expecting about 10,000 people for Los Angeles's first-ever big public New Year's Eve party at Grand Park a couple nights ago (and they didn't schedule any stars or big musical acts because they knew the park couldn't handle too huge a crowd), but they got more like 25,000. The LA Times reports that the gates had to be shut before midnight, "leaving thousands to watch the show from side streets." Clearly Los Angeles, historically a pretty private city, is just begging for more public life; Stephen Corwin writes on his CityGrows blog: "We've landed. We're uniting as Angelenos. We're building a community. And most importantly, we're doing away with the sub-city barriers that have for so long divided us, whether financially, racially, politically, or else." And one of the event's organizer echoed that last bit: "It really did look like all of Los Angeles ... It was an unbelievable evening."

Grand Park New Year's Eve 3D Mapping Finale from Sterling Davis on Vimeo.

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Grand Park

S. Grand Ave. & W. First St., Los Angeles, CA