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Glendale's Laemmle Lofts Theater And Housing Finally Moving

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Glendale had a noticeably good 2013, and it looks like 2014's already keeping up the trend. After three years of waiting, the Laemmle Lofts, a four-story mixed-user with a five-screen art-house theater, has gotten the go-ahead from the city, reports the LA Times. Developers plan to break ground on the structure in 2015, and it's set to add 6,000 square feet of groundfloor retail and 42 residential units (but only 44 underground parking spots?) to Glendale's Exchange, just a few blocks north of the Galleria. The $12.8-million dollar Lofts plan had been held up since 2011 in wranglings over the state's dissolution of local redevelopment agencies.
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Laemmle Lofts

Wilson Ave. & Maryland Ave., Glendale, CA