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NoHo's Beverly Garland Is Becoming A "Retro" Boutique Hotel

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NoHo's "boutique hotel phase" is just starting to rear its head, but the newest player has a leg up on other contenders. After all, why build a new hotel when you can just overhaul the one you've got? Enter North Hollywood's '70s-era Beverly Garland Hotel, which is getting a bold, $20-million, head-to-toe "redesign and renovation" to make its 242 rooms and 14 suites more boutiquey, says the press release (pdf). When the dust settles, it'll be so different, it's even going to have a new name: The Garland. The revamped hotel will be owned and operated by the same people (it's been in the same LA family for two generations), but will be infused with "a sophisticated, retro-cool California style" designed by Rossi Architecture and Forchielli Glynn, the firm behind the Peninsula Hotel's glam redesign. Renovations are already in the works and the remade hotel will be up and running just in time for summer. The Garland's food is already pretty boutiquey—it's home to the new "experimental and community-focused" restaurant Warren's Blackboard.
·North Hollywood Boutique Hotel, The Garland, To Debut Summer 2014 (pdf) [Beverly Garland]