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Cedd Moses's Pizza Parlor, Tom Bergin's Reopens on Fairfax, LA's Best Neighborhoods For Eating

DOWNTOWN: Cedd Moses, the operator of several DTLA bars and restaurants like Cole's and Seven Grand Whisky Bar, is taking over the former D-town Burger Bar right next to his Golden Gopher bar. He's soft-opened a pizza place called Pellicola Pizzeria and is getting positive response so far.

FAIRFAX: Tom Bergin's Tavern reopens on Fairfax in two days, courtesy of new owner/actor Derek Schreck, who may or may not be Andrew Garfield's secret twin. Bottled beers are going away, a new tap system of 14 beers is coming in, and the interior will look the same as ever. The upstairs area will be turned into a craft bar, while a small menu of bar snacks and pub food will be available throughout.

ALL OVER: What neighborhood had the best eating in 2013? Eater queried writers including Los Angeles magazine's Lesley Barger Suter, broker/blogger Brigham Yen, and LA Times's Jonathan Gold. Downtown was a favorite, though Gold said Manhattan Beach is coming up fast.
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