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Beach Dreaming in Silver Lake, LA is Ditching the Car

[Curbed went inside the newly reopened and refurbished Forum in Inglewood. Photo by Elizabeth Daniels]

This Week's Top Stories: The big conversation piece of the week was the probably improbable conversion of a portion of Silver Lake Reservoir (the Ivanhoe part) into a combo beach and lap pool extravaganza. Real estate web site Redfin has named Eagle Rock as the second hottest neighborhood in the United States for 2014 based on feedback from agents that included stuff like "short commute at an affordable price." A splendid mid-century home designed by architect Harold B Zook, left untouched by decades of change, has come on the market in San Marino for $2.798 million. Los Angeles is leaving its past behind by ditching that car and going all in on sharing public transit and public space, so we've rounded up 9 ways LA is changing. A slightly daunting looking roundabout is being planned for an equally daunting intersection in Boyle Heights, with the hope of creating greater efficiency for the movement of cars. The unusual January heat we're experiencing has claimed its first architectural victim, as the wind and heat fed Colby fire in Glendora has burnt down a piece of the Singer Estate's Kregolo Mansion.