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Rent Hugh Hefner's Future Widow's House For $32k A Month

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It's good that Hugh Hefner doesn't need this Hollywood Hills house yet, because he bought it in May 2013 so his wife Crystal Harris would have a place to stay when he died. (Why can't she just stay in the Playboy Mansion? Because the couple are actually just renters there. Also, because it's gross.) Seeing as Hefner is still very much alive, he and his wife (who's a co-owner) are putting this super-modern house up for rent. In addition to the four large bedrooms and five bathrooms, there are amenities like floating staircases, an infinity pool and spa made of white glass, a home theater, smart technology throughout, and "cantilevered terraces" with gorgeous views of the Sunset Strip below. When Hefner bought the house, he paid $4.995 million, but you can rent it for just $32,000 a month.

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