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Arts District Could Get Two New Red Or Purple Line Rail Stops

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As the Arts District's star has climbed over the past several years—hot restaurants, million-dollar condos, high-end development, even a park—there's been only one thing holding it back: It's pretty damn annoying to get to. And now Metro CEO Art Leahy is looking to fix that, asking staff to look at new rail stations at First and Sixth Streets along already-existing track that runs between Santa Fe and the LA River, from Union Station. He tells the Downtown News the stops could connect to either the Red or Purple Lines. (The under-construction One Santa Fe project at First Street sits on Metro land and there's long been talk of putting a station there, since it's also close to the Red/Purple maintenance yard.) One active neighborhood developers points out that a stop at Sixth Street would be particular great because it would let out right by the future Sixth Street Viaduct replacement, which will be friendly for bikers and pedestrians and surrounded by open space (and create an easy hop to or from Boyle Heights). Leahy made the request about two months ago and staff will check out "costs, location and initial designs." A proposal could reach the Metro board within a year.
· Subway Stations Proposed for Arts District [Downtown News]

One Santa Fe

Santa Fe Ave. & First St., Los Angeles, CA 90013