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Feds Cracking Down On Helicopter Noise Over Landmarks And Celebrities' Houses

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Federal lawmakers have been failing at attempts to regulate helicopter noise over Los Angeles for a few years now, but they finally pushed something through yesterday (tacked onto the huge Congressional spending bill). The Los Angeles Residential Helicopter Noise Relief Act "requires the FAA to evaluate and revise existing helicopter routes to reduce noise impacts on residential areas and landmarks, such as the Hollywood Bowl, the Hollywood sign and celebrities' homes," reports the LA Times. They'll also create a complaint system for the public, and look at whether its safe for helicopters to fly higher than they do and at how to keep the roar as low as possible when helicopters are "hovering and covering news events."For the first year, the FAA is just going to ask helicopters to please be quieter, but if operators don't meet certain goals, the FAA will develop formal regulations. Military and public safety agencies, which account for 70 percent of all flights, will be exempt.
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