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Did Google Get Preferential Crosswalk Treatment In Venice?

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Google's arrival in Venice has brought vengeful geeks, exploding real estate prices, and, to the bewilderment of some, a stop sign and crosswalk on sleepy Hampton Drive. Even the neighborhood's city councilmember, Mike Bonin, tweeted that he was surprised about the new additions at this spot on Hampton, coincidentally or not located between a building formerly used by Google and a new Google building. Commenters on a Yo! Venice! forum say this is some bullshit because they've been trying to get a crosswalk and stop sign on nearby Rose Avenue—an increasingly trendy street with lots of new restaurants attracting both traffic and pedestrians—for more than a year now. We're hoping to get an update from Bonin, who tweeted earlier this month that he's looking into the matter. Locals will probably know more on Tuesday when the neighborhood council gathers; an agenda item includes "A presentation of Google's expansion plans with minimal impact on the community."
· New Google Crosswalk and Stop Sign... [Yo! Venice Forum]