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LA County Supe Might Have An Illegal Man Cave in His Garage

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LA County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas is having a really rough week. First it was discovered that he had county employees perform upwards of $10,000-worth of construction (security and some fun extras) on his Leimert Park home's garage; and now that discovery has prompted LA Department of Building and Safety inspectors to look into whether or not the converted garage itself was even legal, reports the LA Times. Just so we're clear, this space was less like a garage and more like a pretty sweet dude den, described as having everything from a flat-screen to a refrigerator to a restroom. (When will they find the deep-fryer and beer tap?) Adding major changes like electrical or a restroom to your garage would of course require permits, but "a search of city databases found no permits for that work or any other improvements to the garage." Usually people who are found to have unpermitted structures are fined or made to correct work that's in violation of code, so there's still hope for Ridley-Thomas's clubhouse.
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