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Venice Gentrification Pushing Out Its Community Garden

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The Venice Community Garden has been going strong since 2010, when the site was transformed from a vacant residential lot to a garden of 54 raised beds of locally grown greenery. But popular as it is, land in increasingly hip Venice is even more popular, and the demand means that after the end of the month, Venice Community Garden will go back to being an empty lot, according to the LA Times, and it'll go up for sale. Though gardeners knew they were planting on borrowed time, they all thought they'd have more time with the land; they found out just last year about the property owner's plans to sell. The owner, a local developer and restaurateur, approached them because he hoped that together they could find a buyer for the spot and keep it a garden. However, no one has materialized or is likely to, so it's predicted that the garden will have to go fallow for good—at least at this location.
· Venice Community Garden must pull up roots by end of January [LAT]