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Santa Monica Making Pier Concerts Lamer To Cut Crowds

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The Santa Monica City Council has voted in changes to the city's overwhelmingly-popular Twilight Concert Series that will, they hope, lead to smaller, safer events, rather than the massive "regional draws" that past concerts have turned out to be, blanketing the beach in an average of 15,000 attendees each. While the public opinion at hearings on the topic seemed to be largely in favor of keeping the concerts the same, in the end, gnawing worries about public safety prevailed, says the Santa Monica Daily Press. The approved changes include seeking out musical acts who are less famous than the internationally-recognized ones they'd tapped in the past, getting rid of the giant viewing screen that made concerts visible to people on the beach, and having more police and fire officers out during the events to cut down on illegal kinds of fun (smoking, drinking). The switch to small acts means a loss in sponsorship, so the city's kicking in $200,000 to help offset the costs, and have also voted to give public safety officials "whatever funds they need to keep the shows safe."
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