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Notorious East LA Intersection Getting LA's First Roundabout

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The intersection known as Cinco Puntos (Five Points), where Lorena and Indiana cross Cesar Chavez, creating a triangular zone of anxious confusion for anyone attempting to pass through it, is getting a much-needed improvement in hopes of eliminating some of the dangers. According to Eastsider LA, the LA Department of Transportation's plans for the not-so-new roundabout (it was supposed to be finished in 2006, but never got started) have now been successfully submitted to the City Council's Streets and Transportation Committee and deemed "workable"—a big deal for this project that's been in talks for more than a decade. Roundabouts are not really an LA thing—this is thought to be the first non-residential one in the city (there was a short-lived one at Wilshire and Western in the 1920s)—but there are already LADOT plans for at least one more in Cypress Park. Funny-looking though they are, "rotaries" (as Bostonians call them)have been shown to reduce overall accidents by 35 percent when they replaced traditional intersections.
· City says Boyle Heights traffic roundabout is moving in the right direction [ELA]