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6 Freaky Images Of California's Staggering Drought

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We've all had our fun, shamelessly frolicking in the sunshine during what should be the dead of winter. Now it's time to get a little bit freaked out by all this sunshine. Nearly 90 percent of California is in extreme drought. This is the third straight year of drought, and it's shaping up to be LA's driest on record. While LA might have enough water to get through the year, other parts of the state—the parts where we get our food, where the rest of the state gets water—aren't all in the same position. To get a better overall perspective of what's going on and where, we rounded up six freaky images showing how the drought is affecting California on the whole.

Statewide snowpack is 20 percent of the year's average.

Folsom Lake is just 18 percent full, a near-record low.

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