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First Look At The Pedestrian/Bike Bridge To Link Elysian Valley And Cypress Park

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It's taken nearly a year to see renderings for the Taylor Yard pedestrian/bike bridge connecting Cypress Park to Elysian Valley, but what's another 11 months when the city's been waiting 22 years? It was announced back in February that Metro and the city were finally moving ahead with the long-proposed connection over the LA River; locals finally got a sneak peek at the bridge last night during a community meeting at the Elysian Valley Rec Center. The bridge was promised way back when the Metrolink Maintenance Facility was built nearby in the early '90s—the bridge, among other improvements, was promised as mitigation for the train yard.

The city and Metro—the successor agency to the one that promised the bridge way back when—were tussling for years over who would pay for the $5.3-million connector, but they've finally compromised on Metro paying for design while matching funds and the city make up the rest. The bridge will connect the San Fernando bike path to the LA River bikeway, starting near the southern end of the Rio de Los Angeles State Park and connecting to Elysian Valley near Dorris Place and the river bikeway. The city's also working on buying up a whole bunch of Taylor Yard land to use as open space.
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