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Big, Expensive, Boxy Houses Finally Arrive In Highland Park

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[Image via Williams Homes]

If you think you're looking at a clever window display for The Container Store, you are wrong. It's one of the nine new two- and three-story houses going up in Highland Park right now, according to Eastsider LA. The houses, collectively called Park 9, will all be noticeably larger than most in the area and, with an estimated base price of $800,000, close to double what Highland Park usually costs (median list price for the last 90 days: $448,000). The new development's smallest unit (square-footage-wise) will have three stories, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and sprawl across 2,478 square feet—again, not huge for the city, but pretty big for the neighborhood. In the largest house (pdf), each of the four bedrooms has a walk-in closet. High-end indeed! Developer Williams Homes cited their own research that showed "a very low supply for large homes in the Highland Park market and the larger homes that did go up for sale were sold very quickly," says their rep. We're curious to see how quickly these uniform little cubes will move once they're finished in March.

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