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Bonkers: There's A Plan To Turn The Silver Lake Reservoir Into A Hipster Beach

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It's 80 degrees out in January. You're walking your dog by the Silver Lake Reservoir. You gaze at it longingly. "Why isn't that a pool with swim lanes?" you ask yourself aloud. Well, you are not the only one having that very same thought. There is in fact an entire group forming around this idea, calling themselves Swim Silver Lake (via LA Taco), and they want to turn the whole reservoir into The Silver Lake Plunge, a public swim complex that will have not just space to swim laps, but a sandy mini-beach! The idea comes on the heels of the transition from open-air reservoirs like Silver Lake and Ivanhoe to underground ones that fall in line with new federal guidelines for water supplies. Silver Lake Reservoir will be replaced as a water source, leaving the space to be used for the "continued benefit of the community," says a fact sheet (pdf) on the project. Call us when the plunge design has at least two slides.

[Images via Swim Silver Lake]

· Swim Silver Lake [Official Site]

Silver Lake Reservoir

1850 W Silver Lake Dr, , CA 90039